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Your back
thanks you.

Oh, yes: there are millions of millions of backs in this world. Brado Contract knows this well and recognized the value of a comfortable chair that properly supports your back. But ergonomics take into consideration other factors, all of which are tested inside the Brado Test Lab to ensure that the ideal position of your whole body. Even after you have been sitting for yours on end.
The main tests that each new Brado chair undergo include:

  • static load of the back of the chair
  • stress resistance of the back of the chair
  • static load of the footrest and legs
  • stress resistance of the arms
  • impact to the seat, back and arms
  • resistance to falls
  • resistance to rolling

Not everyone knows this, but the seated position causes significant stress to the spine. To prevent back problems – particularly those that develop over time – it’s necessary to use an ergonomic chair, designed specifically to give you the adequate lumbar support.

Sure sitting requires less physical effort than standing, but the body still has to make unnoticeable adjustments in posture when you are sitting. The feeling of soreness, common when someone has been seated for hours, is an indicator of discomfort: discomfort that can be avoided with the correct chair.

Key factors.

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The distance between your legs and pelvis plays a very important role in terms of your well being while seated. The quality of a chair is must therefore take this into consideration. Obviously this relationship varies from person to person, but is based on general rules that must be followed.

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Lower back support is the most element with regards to the health and happiness of whoever is seated. Your back should be supported, gently, and in its entirety. It should almost be massaged, so that you don’t have to suffer from improper weight distribution.

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Properly supporting your back means allowing for minor neck strain. This may seem a trivial observation, but should always be kept in mind: the body is based on balances and every part affects all the others. People who sit for most of the day know this all to well. And they also recognize the value of a chair designed to actually ensure their well-being.

The secret to maintaining a youthful back is elasticity. The spine has four nodal points: the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), lumbar (lower back), and sacral (bottom of the spine). Overcrowding or excess weight, particularly in the lower back, causes the muscles to stiffen and reduce elasticity. Therefore, a chair must be able to adapt to the back and accommodate its movement. The spine can then "dance,” remaining flexible and rested. Getting up from a chair and feel perfectly in shape is a much valued characteristic of the Brado experience. “Sitting” is believing.

Poor posture can cause pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar/sacral regions, in addition to problems to your elbows, shoulders and hands. This is why Brado invests so much time and attention to its chairs. The company even created a resin prototype (referred to as ergonomic “skin”), based on research and cross-analysis of dozens of already existing structures. The prototype is ideal for your spine and has already been used to produce many Brado chairs.

Turning pieces into design objects.

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brado Contract
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