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We are all made
f differences.

Break free
f certainty.

Brado Contract is Design Blast!
A diverse, open, colorful,
explosive world.
A collection of different,
original and contrasting styles.

Brado grows.

To grow means to change, to alter yourself.
This also applies to your thoughts, which grow only by altering
them. Creative thought is opposed

To uniformity, which is static.

Brado Contract aims to go beyond trends
and to uproot established dynamics.

To grow means to change,
to alter yourself.

Break apart
the cre of

Break free
ff the quiet

Brado contract

Seating for the antisedentary

Brado contract

Natural effervescence!

Brado contract

Seating against the immobility of thought

Brado contract

Dynamic seating for breaks from
feverish insomnia

The contract
will never
be the same

Turning pieces into design objects.

brado Contract
brado Contract
BradoContract Illustration