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Chairs for the

Raw materials
second to none.
Tested and guaranteed.

Materie plastiche


Creativity and know-how are combined to develop innovative plastic blends in hopes of achieving two goals: complete customer satisfaction (based in part on specific, customized research) and eco-sustainability focused on the easy disposal of materials. Brado Contract doesn’t just use plastic materials, but it designs and builds them, making continuous investments both in terms of human and financial resources.

Materie Naturali


Brado Contract also works with ash, oak, and beach wood from natural sources in accordance with the FSC® Certified Responsible Forestry protocols. Led by its green heart, Brado Contract uses water-based paint and a very small amount of glue when designing and assembling its products. The exact same attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, as well as the production of fiberglass components.

Materie Metalliche


Light, yet solid, Brado Contract metal components are made with the utmost care to ensure the highest standards of excellence. The company’s ability to easily shape metal allows it to produce custom parts, based on the client’s preferences. In addition, trivalent chromium (tri-chrome) plating provides added protection, guaranteeing that the metal parts will have a long, healthy life.

We believe in science
and structural testing.

Materie Metalliche

Brado Contract relies on it’s own laboratory testing. Carried out directly within the company, the tests verify all parameters related to new parts, including flexibility, strength, dimensional stability, and more. The process ensures the reliability of all the components of each chair. The Brado Test Lab has proven to be an essential part of receiving the important
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Thanks to its interest and investment in research, which undergoes strict analysis in the Brado Test Lab, the company is able to provide custom solutions for its most demanding customers. Brado is happy to work with clients interested in creating brand new seating solutions. To do so, Brado brings all of its talents to the table to establish an authentic partnership. The corporate philosophy is based on forward thinking, particularly when it comes to design and the production of materials.

Made where?

Materie Metalliche

The production process is carried out in Italy at corporate headquarters. Brado also works with trustworthy foreign partners who operate in accordance with the company’s high quality standards. This allows for complete control of the supply chian, ensuring that each product has they typical and recognizable added value of the “Made in Italy” brand.

Turning pieces into design objects.

brado Contract
brado Contract
BradoContract Illustration