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MARIQUITA kit 165/E Swivel chair with armrests

Technical features

  • 01.
    1x BAM05501AL
    LOOP mini base, Ø 640mm, aluminium.
  • 02.
    5x RUP0131NR
    Free castor Ø 50mm, pin Ø 11mm, black.
  • 03.
    1x ALM02901FC
    Tapered gas lift 50x28x230mm, run 125mm, chromed.
  • 04.
    1x PSM032DUAL
    DUAL support, polished aluminum.
  • 05.
    1x LVM006FC
    Lever for shell support, chromed.
  • 06.
    1x TLF099FCB
    MARIQUITA swivel frame with arms, Ø 18mm, chromed.
  • 07.
    1x MSW012A••
    MARIQUITA shell.
  • 08.
    4x ACW881••
    MARIQUITA hook to attach shell to wire frame Ø 18 mm.
  • 09.
    1x ACW836Q6A
    Plastic front cap MARIQUITA, anti UV grey - aluminium.
  • 10.
    1x ACW836Q6P
    Plastic rear cap MARIQUITA, anti UV grey - aluminium.
  • 11.
    2x BRW191A••
    MARIQUITA armrest.
  • 12.
    1x ACM878FB
    Kit screw for MARIQUITA armrest.
  • 13.
    8x VTM0525BPXFB
    Hilo screw tip Ø10.5 truss head 5x25mm, bronzed.
  • 14.
    4x VTM0820PPBFB
    Screw allen socket head M8x20mm, bronzed.


  • Q1 WINE
  • 60 TOASTED
  • Q7 LIGHT
  • Q3 AVIO
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Regardless of the model,
she is always in great shape.

Once just a friend,
but now your
true love.

bienvenida, señorita!

With Mariquita you will never be bored. Her slender forms and many colors allow her to fit no matter where she goes. With lightness in her step and a touch of panache, she knows how to awaken and revive any room. 

kit Mariquita

design: Ximo Roca Disen?o

Turning pieces into design objects.

brado Contract
brado Contract
BradoContract Illustration