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NEST kit 227/F Swivel armchair on pyramidal base, to be upholstered

Technical features

  • 01.
    1x BAM07501AL
    Aluminium pyramidal base.
  • 02.
    4x PDY006AGH
    Grey Glide.
  • 03.
    1x ACM267FZB
    360° swivel adaptor for pyramidal base (with one plug).
  • 04.
    1x ACY299GH
    Swivel and fixed adaptor lower cap.
  • 05.
    1x PSM13913AL
    Aluminium low seat support.
  • 06.
    1x PRI008A
    Armchair, to be upholstered.
  • 07.
    4x VTM0625PSBFZ
    Screw bevelled hex recess flat head M6x25mm, zinc-plated.
  • 08.
    1x VTM0620PSBFB
    Screw bevelled hex recess flat head M6x20mm, bronzed.


  • 4x PDT006
    Black felt.
  • 4x PDP031ANE
    Neutral cap for glide Kylie base.
  • 1x ACM267FZC
    Fixed adaptor for pyramidal base.
  • 1x ACM267FZA
    Auto-return adaptor for pyramidal base.
  • 1x ACY268GH
    Auto-return adaptor lower cap.
  • 1x VTM0610PSBFZ
    Screw bevelled hex recess flat head M6x10mm for ACY268GH, zinc-plated.
  • 227/f
  • 227/f
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