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NO-FRILL kit 223/F Shell on pyramidal aluminium base w/glides, low seat support, 360° swivel

Technical features

  • 01.
    1x BAM07501AL
    KYLIE 4 stars pyramidal base, Ø 720mm, aluminium
  • 02.
    4x PDY006AGH
    Glide for KYLIE bases, silver RAL 9022
  • 03.
    1x ACY299GH
    KYLIE plastic cover for fixed and swivel adaptor, silver RAL 9022
  • 04.
    1x ACM267FZB
    360° swivel adaptor for pyramidal KYLIE base (with one plug), zinc-plated
  • 05.
    1x PSM14013AL
    KYLIE low support with automatic hooks, Ø 50mm, cone Ø 28mm, aluminium
  • 06.
    1x MSP049A••
    NO-FRILL shell
  • 07.
    2x ACY287
    Rear hook for shell fixing on frame
  • 08.
    1x VTM0620PSBFB
    Screw bevelled hex recess flat head M6x20mm, for ACY299GH, bronzed


  • 1x COP008A06
    FRILL plastic seat panel to be upholstered, 6 t-nuts.
  • 6x VTM0514BPBFZ
    Screw hex recess truss head M5x14mm, zinc-plated
  • 4x PDT006
    Black felt
  • 4x PDP031ANE
    Neutral cap for glide Kylie base.
  • 1x ACM267FZA
    Auto-return adaptor for pyramidal KYLIE base, zinc-plated
  • 1x ACY268GH
    KYLIE plastic cover for auto-return adaptor, silver RAL 9022
  • 1x VTM0610PSBFZ
    Screw bevelled hex recess flat head M6x10mm, for ACY268GH, zinc-plated
  • 1x ACM267FZC
    Fixed adaptor for pyramidal KYLIE base (with 1+2 plugs), zinc-plated


  • E4 ROAD
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To be in a state
of wellbeing.

For those who believe
what counts is
always remaining
faithful to the Line.

You may call it a “chair,” but what counts is the value of an object that balances form and function and gets noticed both for the style and wellbeing it provides. Just ask No-Frill: she will have a lot to say on the topic. 

kit No-Frill

design: ACT Design

Turning pieces into design objects.

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brado Contract
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