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ONE-SHOT kit 208/H Shell on 4 legs frame with open armrests and right anti-panic writing tablet

Technical features

  • 01.
    1x TLF107FCB
    MALIKA/ONE-SHOT 4 legs frame with loop arms, Ø 18mm, assembled glides, chromed.
  • 02.
    1x SSP359A••
    Outer seat MALIKA/ONE-SHOT chair for steel frame Ø 18mm.
  • 03.
    1x SDP146AN1••
  • 04.
    1x SCP530A••
    Backrest ONE-SHOT chair.
  • 05.
    2x ACP063NR
    Back/frame compensator MALIKA/ONE-SHOT, black.
  • 06.
    2x BRP204A••
    Pad MALIKA/ONE-SHOT lower part for TLF107FCB (1rh or 1 lh).
  • 07.
    2x ACP088••
    Arm pad MALIKA/ONE-SHOT right/left.
  • 08.
    1x ACM103NR
    Multipurpose fixing device for anti-panic bracket writing tablet, painted black.
  • 09.
    1x ACP823NRDX
    Joint anti-panic for rh tablet, black.
  • 10.
    1x ACA824NR
    Writing tablet for anti-panic bracket rh/lh, black.
  • 11.
    1x ACM104NR
    Screw kit for universal fixing device.
  • 12.
    8x VTM0512BPXFB
    Hilo screw tip Ø10,5 truss head 5x12mm, bronzed.
  • 13.
    4x VTM0418BPXFB
    Chipboard screw PZ pan head 4x18mm, bronzed.
  • 14.
    4x VTM0513BPCNR
    Hilo screw tip Ø 10.5mm truss head 5x13mm, black.


  • 1x SDP170AN1
    Seat plastic cover MALIKA/ONE-SHOT, to be upholstered.
  • 8x VTM0413BPXNR
    Chipboard screw wide truss head eslok 4x13mm, black.


  • E7 CREAM
  • Q1 WINE
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With those legs,
she can go anywhere.

Versatility isn’t
an option.

One-Shot, she always ?meets
your expectations.

Today is a beautiful day. You have just purchased One-Shot chairs and the space around you has come back to life with bright, young colors, slender lines and unlimited versatility.
In praise of lightness, in praise of One-Shot.

kit One-Shot

design: Brado Factory

Turning pieces into design objects.

brado Contract
brado Contract
BradoContract Illustration