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or complete
, to be

Every phase
of production
is cared for,
from the beginning
to the end.

Ciclo completo

The complete

Every single component is made by us, for us. At Brado production means maintaining full control of each phase of the cycle in order to achieve a final result of absolute quality. Made in Italy, of course, but what’s more is that it’s entirely Made in Brado.


Custom molds

We can produce all types of components by creating custom molds. Our production line is free of constraints and can overcome the limitations that others may find prohibiting. Intuition and imagination aren’t enough: one must also have the know-how in order to turn an idea into a reality.

Lavorazione legno


At Brado, we use top quality wood from protected areas in accordance with the FSC® Certified Responsible Forestry protocols, combined with extensive experience in wood working and finishing. We also produce excellent multilayer laminates that last longer than single variety wood panels.

Lavorazione metallo


The large internal workshop is rigged with advanced equipment that can produce any shape of chair desired. It’s in this space that the creativity of the designer (or of the client asking for custom job) takes form and becomes a unique product, designed to ensure top performance immediately and in years to come.

Individual chair components and ready-made assembly kits are not only things Brado Contract has to be proud of. First of all, and perhaps most importantly, come safety and livability of the workspace. Lengthy research and ongoing investments have allowed Brado to create a healthy, pleasant and safe work environment: from shared cubicles to efficient air purification, everything has been designed with the well-being of the employees in mind. This is because at Brado, people come first. It’s a virtuous circle: employee satisfaction increases productivity, which increases the success rate of what we discussed earlier.

Turning pieces into design objects.

brado Contract
brado Contract
BradoContract Illustration